Five Messages (2013)

Five Messages, a piece from my series called Lines, is a quartet for two pianists and two percussionists. It was premiered by Luke Gullickson, Franklin Gross, Owen Weaver, and myself in March of 2013 at a Collide Contemporary Music Series event at the University of Central Florida.

Digital Shorts

From time to time, I have composed short tracks that have been used for commercials, DVD menus, and other video projects.  These tracks are all available to be licensed or I am available to create a custom track for your project. Check a few of the shorts in the following playlist.

Through-line (2012)

Through-line, a piece from my series called Lines, is a quintet for flutes and five-channel playback or flute, string quartet, and five-channel playback.

The word through-line refers to a central theme or idea that runs to the end of a work (i.e. an invisible thread that holds your story together”). In the case of this work, the through-line is both the duration lines that are used throughout and a seven chord progression that is used in the odd number sections.

This work was composed for Dr. Nora Lee Garcia and the Aurelia Flute Quartet (Nick Buonanni, Adriane Hill, Kate Nichols, & Amber Sheppard)at the University of Central Florida.  Below is a recording of the flute quintet version:

The string quartet version was premiered on May 12, 2013 by Nora Lee Garcia (flute) and the Orlando Philharmonic String Quartet (Rimma Bergeron Langlois, Alexander Stevens, Mauricio Cespedes Rivero, and David Bjella). Below is a recording from that performance:

Withheld (2011)

Withheld, a piece from my series called Lines, is a percussion quartet for tuned metals. This particular recording was made with tuned pipes, but it could also be performed with any assortment of tuned metals (crotales, glock, vibraphone, chimes, celeste, bell plates, almglocken, gongs, etc…). It was composed with the pipe pitches used for David Lang’s second movement of The So-Called Laws of Nature in mind. The Lines pieces are based on a series of rhythmic “duration lines,” which are used to create both structure and polyrhythmic interest.

Special thanks to Kaylee Bonatakis, Matt Roberts, Karen Toney, and Bryant Bernal for taking time to make the below recording.

Concertante (2011)

Concertante is a solo for multi-percussion and electronic playback. Premiered in September of 2011 at the Accidental Music Festival.

The below audio recording and video performance is from the premiere. Slight changes have been made since this performance.

Passages (2011)

Passages, Book I is a collection of four-mallet marimba studies that are designed as early literature for emerging students. They are intended to aid in the development of musicianship through technique.