PEREGRINATION: An intimate journey through visual and sonic landscapes

Peregrination / ˌpɛr ɪ grəˈneɪ ʃən /
1. to travel from one place to another; journey.
2. to voyage through or over; traverse.

Thad Anderson, Chris Brannan, and Diana Reichenbach present an intimate premiere of their new multimedia collaboration, PEREGRINATION.

PEREGRINATION is a multimedia work combining stunning landscape cinematography with composed electronic audio and live improvised percussion elements. Intended to take the viewer on a journey from the comfort of their home, this project is a collaboration designed for presentation using modern video conferencing platforms (Made for Pandemic™).

Each premiere event will have a limited audience gathering to allow for intimate conversation and viewing experience. The artists will provide background information on the collaborative process, production details, and their vision for the project. After the presentation of the work, there will be a Q&A period and a general discussion between artists and audience.

All events are scheduled in Eastern Standard Time (EST). The Zoom video conferencing platform will be used for each presentation. Zoom meeting links will provided via email after tickets have been purchased and as we near the event date.

Tickets go on sale November 2: